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Teeth Whitening in Baldivis

Want to get your teeth many shades brighter? We can help you achieve a brilliant, beautiful smile. Teeth whitening is a terrific way to turn back the clock and rejuvenate teeth that have become tarnished or discoloured over time. QVC Dental Baldivis is pleased to offer patients two fantastic ways to enhance your smile with Polar White Teeth Whitening systems.

Take Advantage of These Gleaming Offers

In-chair Whitening

In just one 90-minute visit, you can get whiter teeth with our in-chair whitening option that uses an activating light. This efficient and completely safe method of whitening is monitored by our qualified professionals to ensure you achieve the best possible results.

We’ll also send you home with a free take-home kit that includes personalised trays that were made from moulds of your teeth. You can use the trays to top up the treatment that you received at the practice.

This special offer is just $549 (usually $699).

Take-home Kits

Want to whiten your teeth from the comfort and convenience of home? We’ve got you covered. Our professionally guided take-home kits allow you to achieve sparkling results. We’re offering the kits for just $249 each (normally $399), a tremendous savings of $150.

For more information, please see our Special Offer page!


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