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QVC Dental Kids Clubs

Kids Club

Healthy Smiles for Baldivis Children

Early and regular preventative therapy can help avoid treatment in the future, meaning less cost for parents and a more positive outlook on dental care for children. We have teamed up with families just like yours to develop these age-appropriate clubs to help empower children, giving them the information and skills necessary to enjoy healthy teeth and smiles for life. Just $3.29 per child includes all routine care plus 10% discount and age-appropriate benefits.

Gummy Club

0-3 years

Gummy Club is FREE!

gummyBaby teeth are the foundations for our adult teeth so it’s vital children learn the importance of caring for them. We have staff who are specially qualified and trained to treat primary teeth, helping prevent dental disease through education and care. Getting used to dental health checks from an early age helps to create a positive experience and we can keep an eye on those baby teeth as they start to appear. It is never too early to start maintaining good dental habits.


Pearly White Club

4-8 years

pearly whiteYoung teeth are very susceptible to damage so we need to make good choices when it comes to food and drinks that can impact dental health. Preventative care is vital at this stage so don’t forget to supervise brushing or poor techniques will go unnoticed. We recommend using children’s tooth paste until the age of 11, to help prevent fluorosis or ‘chalky teeth’.


Dental Defenders

9-13 years

dental defenderThe tooth fairy will start visiting regularly and big teeth are growing so we want your child to take good care of these precious whites. Good hygiene and no cavities can win them movie tickets and other prizes.


QVC Teens

14-18 years

QVC teensOlder teens will receive a scale and clean visit as they phase into adult care. Their nearly fully developed bite requires the same type of treatment as their parents. The information they learn from us can reduce the extent of any dental work they may require as they move into adulthood.

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