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Dental Membership at {PRACTICE NAME}

Exclusive QVC Dental Health Membership

Making Care Affordable

Dental Membership

So why don’t you attend the dental practice often = FEAR

By not attending often (because you are scared) means you are more likely to experience dental pain and usually once you experience dental pain the cost to get you out of pain can mount up.

The key to good dental health is to attend a dental practice every 6 months so we can help you maintain your mouth end ensure you have a healthy happy smile.

So why don’t you attend the dental practice often = COST

Maintaining your mouth is like maintaining your car – if you do not service your car regularly it is likely to break down and cost you $$ to repair – if you do not service your mouth regularly your teeth are likely to break down, cause you pain and cost you $$ to repair.

QVC Dental Membership Plan

We have designed a fantastic way to ensure you attend often without it costing the earth, by joining our Dental Health Membership.  This is a monthly subscription of less than $1 a day.  As a dental member every year you will receive:

  • 2 full dental health checks
  • 2 professional scale and polishes
  • 2 applications of topical fluoride
  • up to 2 small x-rays (if needed)

With no out of pocket expenses (no charge on the day) PLUS you receive 10% discount off all other treatment with our loyalty membership card.

In addition if you want/need treatment over $1000 we can apply for you to have an payment plan. Here at QVC Dental we want you to experience life without dental pain, and have the ability to afford good quality dental care.

The QVC Dental Health Membership helps you spread the cost of your regular routine care, without the restrictions or limited benefits of an insurance company. Of course, if you do have dental insurance, you can still join to receive our benefits and we can still process your rebate, win win!

All this for just $6.92 a week per adult and $3.29 a week for kids clubs! (paid monthly by direct debit). Family memberships available – please ask.

As members, your family’s dental needs will shift from reactionary to preventative. Through regular check-up’s and cleans, we can help you avoid more expensive and lengthy treatment down the track.

Contact us today for more information!

Dental Membership – QVC Dental Baldivis