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Services Available at QVC Dental Baldivis

Your visit to QVC Dental Baldivis won’t feel like a routine dental appointment. Here, we tailor your experience to your family’s unique needs or concerns. Our services are driven to provide you with a healthy, confident smile that can last for years to come. Having a dental emergency? We’re here for you 7 days a week.

Our Dental Partnership

Good dental health starts at home. Correct and effective tooth brushing and flossing are very important and we will teach you the best techniques. Poor techniques can cause pain in your smile and your pocket! Regular dental health checks and hygiene visits will ensure your mouth stays nice and healthy.

Dental Health Checks

Regular Dental Health Checks are an opportunity to examine your gums and teeth, to ensure they are healthy and there is no decay present. We give you time to talk and share with us how you would like your smile to look. Your dentist will explain their findings and work with you, within your budget, to help you achieve a healthy, happy smile.

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Dental Membership

Dental Hygiene

We recommend visiting our dental therapist every six months to ensure your teeth and gums remain strong and healthy. We all leave a little plaque behind after brushing and this plaque hardens, builds up, and becomes impossible to remove with a toothbrush. If left, it can lead to decay, infection and tooth loss. Twice yearly visits to get this hard plaque removed can save you discomfort and money.

Find out what makes our check-ups comprehensive.

Join QVC Dental Health Membership and there will be no charge on the day.

Restorative Care

Trying to eat and chew with broken, missing or painful teeth can be very difficult and distressing. We can help restore your teeth, giving you back your smile and quality of life. There are many advances in dentistry today and it doesn’t have to be painful to get your teeth back to full functioning order, enabling you to enjoy your food and smile with confidence.

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Cosmetic Care

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. If you don’t like your smile, it can affect your confidence and quality of life. We can help you achieve your perfect smile, and in many cases, it’s very affordable to do. Whether it’s whitening, straightening or even replacing, today’s technology has advanced so much that a perfect smile can be achieved for less than you might think.

Read about our approach to Teeth Whitening and Veneers.

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We don’t hide behind our fees, we are open, honest and transparent from the beginning. At QVC Dental Baldivis we are extremely proud of what we can achieve for our patients. Once we’ve completed your dental health check and talked with you about your wants and needs, we can discuss your options. We will work within your budget to help you achieve the results you want.

Check out our QVC Dental Health Membership benefits. You can spread the cost of your routine dental care over the year plus receive a discount on other treatments. We also offer our Members a convenient interest-free option, so you can get the treatment you want now.

Health Insurance

HICAPS provider BaldivisIt is your choice who provides your dental care, not your health insurer’s! You do not need to attend a members’ choice or preferred provider practice. We accept all health insurance cards and will process your claim on the spot to ensure you get the most rebate possible.

We are committed to making dental care affordable for all. Contact us today to book you dental health check!


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